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Ozmo Active Smart Waterbottle
Ozmo Active Smart Waterbottle
Ozmo Active Smart Waterbottle
Ozmo Active Smart Waterbottle
Ozmo Active Smart Waterbottle
Ozmo Active Smart Waterbottle

    Ozmo Active Smart Waterbottle

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    The Ozmo Smart water bottle tracks your water intake throughout the day. It connects with the Ozmo App (Apple and Android) to record your daily water and coffee consumption. It will also sync with your Apple Watch and Fitbit to increase the suggested intake given the level of activity that you do. This means that you will always feel Hydrated.

    • There are LED indicators provide a visual prompt of how you are progressing to your intake goal
    • It will auto detect if it has water or coffee with an manual override for other drinks
    • The cup vibrates to remind you to keep your hydration up
    • 3 weeks from a single charge of the cup


    If you are here looking for this product. Chances are you already know the importance of staying hydrate. In case you don't: 

    If you live an active lifestyle this is going to be even more important. Because water regulates body temperature and lubricates your joints. If you do not get the appropriate level of water you will not be able to achieve peak performance. If not correctly hydrated you can get dizzy or experience more cramps than usual. Dehydration can massively negatively effect your workout or performance. When exercising its important to track your intake, if you don't top up the water lost through sweat it can cause you to overheat. Thirst is one of those bodily reactions that doesn't always tell us exactly what we need when we need it. For example if you are busy all day you can sometimes forget to drink even though your body needs it.

    Some key features

      • Ozmo smart bottle is built to develop a healthy water drinking habit. Tracks BOTH water and coffee consumption.
      • VIBRATES to give you timely reminders to stay hydrated and LED lights on the bottle show your daily progress towards your goal.
      • Two-way integration with Fitbit and Apple Health auto-adjusts your goal based on your daily activity. Free Garmin Hydration Widget available on CIQ store syncs Ozmo Smart Bottle directly with Garmin fitness tracker to track and monitor daily water intake.
      • Track water consumption and syncs with smartphones (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth.
      • Food grade, BPA-free material. 100% watertight with USB and a long lasting, rechargeable battery
      • LED Light Display
      • Capacity: 16 ounces (473 ml)
      • Weight: 12.7 ounces (360 grams)
      • Battery Life: 120 min full charge
      • Up to 3 week battery life
      • Leak Proof
      • ABS Plastic outer body
      • Bluetooth 4.1
      • Tritan BPA free inner body
      • Double walled, not vacuum insulated
      • Hand wash only
      • Vibration alert system
      • Bottle will detect water level changes between sensor levels, small sips might not register. Total water consumed will be accurate
      • Sensors detect volume change of 2 ounces and up
      • Works with IOS and Android