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Why You Need A Case For Your New Phone

Why You Need A Case For Your New Phone The first thing you should do after buying a new phone is to buy a case for it. Most likely you paid a small fortune for your phone, so the least you can do is make sure it’s protected as best as possible. I’ve seen so many people drop their phones and damage them that I wonder why more people don’t get cases.
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But while protecting your phone from damage is an obvious reason to get a case, there are many other reasons why you might want to get one. Here are another four reasons to get a phone case.

Express Your Personality

This is a big motivation for many people and the main reason they buy a phone case. Often they will even buy multiple phone cases so they have a different one for different situations. If you’re a young girl maybe you want a cute cartoon case, while a football fan would want to show off their favorite team. But if you have an office job you might want to switch cases and have an elegant wooden case to show off to your co-workers.

Retain Resale Value

When you buy a new phone you’re also likely to want to sell your phone. One way of ensuring you get top dollar for it is to make sure it stays in pristine condition. A phone case will certainly help with this. I would also advise keeping the original packaging and receipt, as these will also help with the sale. On Facebook marketplace, I’ve noticed that phones in great condition with the original packaging can get around 40% extra. That in itself will pay for a new case.

Your Phone Is Too Slippery

This is the main reason that I buy a case for my phone. Many new phones these days have super-smooth glass and metal and they can slip out of your hands very easily. I case with more texture is easier to handle and means you’re less likely to drop your phone. I also like the texture of wooden cases, as they have a more natural feel.

You Have An Older Phone

This may seem an odd reason to buy a phone cover, but I know someone that saves money by keeping each phone for a few years before buying a new one. As they always have an elegant case on their phone it seems to everyone else that they have a brand new phone. If you have a great case, that’s what people notice not the actual phone.

You Can’t Afford Insurance

Phone insurance can be expensive, so it’s not something that everyone can afford. But if you keep your phone well protected in a case you have less need for insurance, as the phone’s not likely to get damaged.

What Case Should You Get

A love the real wood phone cases that are in vogue at the moment. As well as the elegant looks and great texture of wood, you’re using a natural product instead of the usual plastic. We already use too much plastic, so this is a great way to cut back on our use. Photo of phone case and link to it from here
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If you would like to update your case for any of the above reasons make sure that you check out the range at White Wolf co.

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