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Samsung is Launching the Future Next Week.

After a long time in the works and many teasers Samsung have given away confirmation that they are going to be launching what is being called the future of smart phones. 

Samsung have announced via youtube that the phone will be making an appearance at the Samsung unpacked event on February 20, 2019. The video specifically mentions the "Future Unfolding" 

Will this actually change things?

Yes, this is the first of many iterations of the folding phone. This is the first MAJOR form change that has happened to phones since we changed from flip phones to  smart phones. Now it might no be the first version of this phone that changes what we do but it will certainly have an impact on how phones are used in the future.

How do I watch the launch event?

Samsung will be streaming the Unpacked event live from San Francisco. Due to start 11am February 21th. This makes it 6am AEDT

The it will be streaming on Samsungs Website